Podcast: Talking to Takashi Fujimoto founder of StreetAcademy

Let the new generation of successful entrepreneurs emerging from all over Japan inspire you. Hear directly from the founders growing their ventures and succeeding in disrupting Japan, and have a closer look into Japan’s start-up ecosystems.

In this episode, Tim Romero from Disrupting Japan, explores the rise of Ed-Tech (Educational Tech) in Japan. He talks with Takashi Fujimoto, founder of StreetAcademy, an online platform connection for people eager to learn or teach.

You can learn everything—from cooking and yoga to how you can use Excel to generate a start-up business plan by attending face-to-face courses in your local area. This is just the beginning for StreetAcademy.

Takashi Fujimoto has proven that combining an online platform with real-life learning is a valid business model, even though it has its barriers. One of the interesting things was that Facebook played an important role in overcoming the fear of face-to-face meetings. We will also learn why negotiations with your wife can sometimes be the best way to prepare for an investor meeting.

Hit the play button and let a passionate Takashi Fujimoto inspire you.

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